My name is actually Elaine, but even coworkers wouldn't know that. The story behind this could actually be a little post. Now I'm in my late 20's and have been married for over 2 years to my wonderful husband Chris, who is the reason why this blog exists.

I ended up here in cold Minnesota after several years dating Chris and both of us traveling back and forth. Took us more than 7 years to finally tie the knot in Vegas. (So, girls, if he's the one, hang on a little longer. It is so worth it!) Now the ones traveling down there and up here are all from my side, including my good friend Louise, who's come for my birthday a few years ago.

My first home is in a city called Recife, located in the state of Pernambuco, in the Northeast Brazil. Right on the Atlantic coast, it's a beautiful place.

Chris and I have two cats, Nicholas, a gray Tabby, and Julia, a mix of sweet and fluff. She's just white with bright blue eyes. Nic is somewhat unpopular, due to his temper and ability to simply avoid people. Juju (Jubis, Jubs, Jubilitious and everything in between) is the complete opposite. She loves the attention, laps, rubbing and all other things Nic dislikes.

Juju & I (it's awfully hard to pose with Nicholas)
Nobody from my family lives here and that just makes it so more worth it to have Chris'. His parents (Bill & Dianne) took me in as a daughter and I feel very blessed for that. Chris has an older brother, Will, who's married to Jill and has 2 kids (April & Dylan.) Andrea, Chris' sister, is my closest friend. She's a single mom to Tristan & Audrey and most my funny stories come from her household. They're awesome.

Everyone has cats. There are more cats than grandchildren. Aside from mine, there are Bill & Dianne's (Lucy), three (!) from Will & Jill (Hunter, Callie & Axel) and last, but not least, three more (wow!) from Andrea (Kiwi, Daisy & Dewey). We do love cats, I guess.

You will find that I do talk a lot. I mean A LOT. So I should get going before this gets any longer. I'm also very transparent and opinionated, which doesn't always end well, but I also regret little, specially because I said it, not because I didn't. And this blog intends to show all I do say (and maybe a little of what I don't.)

Hoping this is a good idea,