Sunday, January 9, 2011

The bathroom escape

This last week something funny happened. By "funny" I probably mean weird. But it had the purpose of showing me what I already knew, it confirmed it.

I went to the bank during my work lunch hour and stopped at Target for a quick meal with Chris. I am a proud germaphobe and since, while at the bank, I touched money, I had to wash my hands before eating (I would've washed them, no matter what.) So I entered the restroom and headed to the first sink. Freezing water came out, so I turned to warm but the water was coming out very slow. With all my germ/dirt psychosis, I soap up more than the average person, but the recommended time by doctors (at least 20s) - and while the slow but warm water is washing away that ton of soap, this newly-mom enters with a very cute and very diaper-filled toddler. I pictured what was to follow before I would eat my hot dog: young mom + cute toddler + full diaper = nasty view + awful smell + my hot dog.

I was about to freak out! She opened the baby changing table right next to my sink and started undressing that bundle of pink cuteness. The water still slow. The soap still on my wrists. The door closed behind us. When the mom reached for the last button, I pulled as many paper towels as I could manage, holding my breath, and bolted for the door. She probably thought I was crazy, to say the least.

When I met Chris at the food area, I was laughing at myself in my nervous state: "Most people rush into the bathroom and I just rushed OUT!

Once I told him I was trying to spare my eyes from he diaper scene I was about to witness - considering I was going to have lunch in the following 5 minutes, he laughed too.

The revelation is what I know: I am not ready to be a mom and the mental picture of a full diaper frightens me to the point of escaping a bathroom and eating with soapy hands. We are still waiting to have kids, but give me a break! I was about to have lunch!


  1. Uau! Laine. Realmente não deve ter sido uma bonita cena. Mas foi no mínimo engraçada. rsrs

    Você escreve muito bem, sabia? Gostei do seu estilo.

  2. Ola querida! Que bom receber sua visita por aqui!
    Ainda bem que eu consegui sair antes de ver qualquer coisa, ne?? Haha!


  3. pense q sempre pode ser pior. imagina se aquela mãe depois de trocar a fralda fosse comer. heheheheheh


  4. E verdade, ne? Hahaha! Foi uma saia justa, mas ainda bem que escapei!


  5. hauahauahuahauahauahauahauah, ai laine!
    vc fala isso pq o filho nao era seu... minha mae sempre diz que com os da gente é diferente! tomara que seja verdade!


  6. Tenho certeza de que e, como com os animais, por exemplo, meus gatos sao sempre os mais lindos, limpos (gasp!) e talentosos. Com os filhos a comparacao deve ser ainda em maior escala! Hahahaha! Vamos crendo, ne?

    Beijao pra voce, Nanda!