Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My hard times in HS - part 2

This text is part 2 of 2. Please read part 1 here.

After being bullied all throughout 5th grade (equivalent of 9th grade for American schools), my mom decided to transfer me to a bigger school. I then went to where my best friend Louise attended. (I mentioned she even came all the way from Brazil to see me a couple years ago. She's awesome!) The problem was that I was late in the transfer and, by then, her class was full. I had to be put in a different class. She was 6th grade C and I was now A. (Schools in Brazil are a little different. You don't get to pick your subjects. You're in a big group and everyone attends the same classes.)

Because we were so close (have always been since kindergarten), I knew pretty much all of her friends and was very excited to change schools, but once I entered the A class, knowing nobody, things changed quickly. The girls hated me from day one because I was cute. I know that for a fact since, later on, when we got over those issues, they confessed it to me. What a life!

They didn't bully me, they were much nicer in that sense, but I didn't have any girlfriends for the whole first year. To add insult to injury, the boys were the ones who liked me. So I had all guy friends and any-number-below-0-you-can-picture of girlfriends.

Louise and I were always together during recess and intervals, I was always with her friends, making none of my own. That was when I met my best guy friend (who has just graduated as a Doctor and sent me - with great honor - the invitation to his graduation. Thank you, dear!) His name is Hugo and he is one of the most humble, loving and caring people that has ever entered my life. He will never leave it, though.

Back to my story, my second HS year was more fun, definitely easier and once I got a little boyfriend from a different school (and the girls realized I wasn't THAT pretty) they started coming around.

Later on I still had some problems with the Psychologist. He called me into his office and said teachers (!) were complaining I was snobbish and carried myself as someone who is utterly self-sufficient. Really? I guess I had to be for my own sake! I got the nickname "Devil's Advocate" because I would fight other people's battles, even when they were wrong. (I guess I have to admit.)

Being the Biology teacher's archenemy was not helpful. I used to correct his grammar in front of the whole class (yes, I was a pain) and he didn't appreciate my lectures. I was 16 and almost flunked the first class in my life. I never actually have flunked, for the record. :)

I ended up my HS years being almost as popular as I was in Middle School, considering this new school was so much bigger. I was friends with all the popular/cute/smart girls and boys and made my way into the grace of (some) teachers.

I now realize the bullying I suffered made me tough. It made me strong to stand up for myself and even when things do still hurt me (there's a ton that can do that), I am able to live it off with courage and class. That was all very hard to live through, but you can weep or you can pick yourself up and move on to bigger and better things.

Best of luck!


  1. O que não mata, fortalece! hehehe.
    Tudo é aprendizado nessa vida, né? Principalmente as coisas ruins... Vai de cada aprender ou se deixar levar.

    Fico feliz que as coisas mudaram muito!
    Beijão, flor!

  2. Obrigada, Nanda! E um prazer compartilhar essa historia com voce! Sua presenca e maravilhosa!