Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Embarassing my parents since the 1980's

My mom was sick and my dad and I took her to the doctor. I have no idea what was wrong with her, since I was so small, but after hearing the story be recounted several times over the years, I learned she was taking a very slow yet very painful shot right on her butt cheek.

We were in the room with her, watching, and the shot was taking really long. My dad says I was so little, my legs didn't even touch the floor, from sitting on the bench, and there was a cockroach in front of us. I know, really gross, specially at a doctor's clinic! But if it's any consolation, it was dying. On its back, moving the legs nonstop, the cockroach was being watched by 3-4yo Laine.

- Dad, what's that?
- That's a cockroach.
Short pause.

I hoped off the bench, little pink sandals on, pointing to one end of the nasty bug:
- This is the cockroach's head, isn't it?
- Yeah, sweetie.
- And this is the butt, right?
- Yeah, sweetie.
- Then the cockroach is scratching its ass, isn't it?
Split of a second pause.

Everyone starts laughing uncontrollably. My dad, as loud as he is, the nurse, shaking from laughter, moving the needle in all angles, and my mom, laughing and crying, in pain from the needle stuck in her butt. I? I was just innocent and bored, I guess.


  1. hahahhaahahhahahhahahaahaha. good story!
    but that image is reaaaaaaaaally gross!

  2. I know, really disgusting! I hate bugs!