Friday, December 10, 2010

(UN)interesting facts about myself #002

It's Friday and I'm continuing with these facts about myself, after a couple of weeks off ( I went to Florida on vacation - awesome - then my mom came over, we had birthdays and Thanksgiving, and now I'm back to routine for real.)

Here are the 10 topics for this week:
  1. I'm brutally honest and proud of it.
  2. Two of my best friends are girls I met in kindergarten (did you hear old friends??)
  3. I always curse when driving, sorry!
  4. My brother and I were not friends until an ex-boyfriend treated me bad. He completely took my side and supported me. We've been friends ever since (isn't that so sweet of my big bro?)
  5. For every hair product I finish using (empty the bottle) I buy three new ones (there's SO much in my bathroom!)
  6. I don't drink coffee or tea (yuck!) but about three diet cokes a day.
  7. My mom had me when she was 37yo.
  8. I'm still learning how to forgive people.
  9. I have some perfumes, but always prefer to wear men's cologne
  10. I'm still (and always will be) fascinated by notebooks, pads, pens, stickers, journals and all paper supplies.

Anything scares you so far?


  1. Até agora tá tranquilo! Bom final de semana pra tu, Laine :*

  2. Por enquanto, ne? Hahahah! Pra voce tambem, amiga! Beijos!

  3. Siiiim. Você é viciada em coca cola! =O

  4. Ah, sou mesmo, Nanda! Quando passo um dia sem tomar, e o mesmo que o cafe pra quem toma sempre! Obrigada pela visita! Beijos!